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Welcome to Yorkshire Ridings Produce.

EasingwoldstampWe are a farmers’ market group organizing weekday markets in North Yorkshire Market towns. We offer the freshest local produce to customers every week. Meet the farmers, growers, jam makers, beekeepers, bakers, gardeners, game dealers and many others who all share a passion for their home grown produce.

We currently run farmers’ markets in the North Riding of Yorkshire at Easingwold, Pickering and Wetherby, providing a wide range of local produce for your consumption.

If you are a local producer with something  different to add to our markets then please contact us and ask about stall availability using our contact form.

If you are a local council wanting to start a farmers market in your town then please give us a call.

Why shop at Farmers Markets?

Buying food from your local producers has a massive knock on effect to your local economy. Economists have calculated that for every £20 spent on local markets this adds about £50 into the local economy. Spending £20 at a major supermarket chain takes about £12 out of your local economy.

Sounds daft doesn’t it.

breadpolaroidThis is a very rough explanation of why it works like this. You  buy produce directly from us, we have money to spend at our local pubs/shops/fellow stall holders, which allows the local shop owners/landlords etc to use your money to buy more local produce  to sell as goods or provide as meals which helps to employ and pay local staff, who then have money to purchase further local produce and so on. The money spent stays in your local economy and benefits your immediate area.

However, spending £20 at a major supermarket takes some of your money out of the local economy. They may pay local staff wages, but they also have shareholders who require dividends to be paid, pension funds to invest in, new supermarkets to be built in other areas. This essentially takes your money out of your area, weakening the local economy.

stallpolaroidReduced carbon footprint on the food you purchase as there is far less transport, storage and refrigeration required.

Not forgetting the most important bit…you cannot buy our produce in any supermarket! It is unique to each stallholder and their passion for quality food.


Never shopped at a Farmers Market before?
………time you did!